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Who is L Anne Carrington?

L Anne Carrington is a nom de plume for a below average writer by the name of Lori Dennick, who resides in Mckeesport, PA. She also goes by Lori Carrington as well as The Wrestling Babe and TheLoriC.  Lori has been online since at least 2000, using the internet to spread her fantasy worlds far and wide.


Lori is a fan of many things:

- Noah Wyle from ER

- Wrestling

- Constantine Maroulis

- Faking pregnancies

- Having invisible fiancés

- Plagiarizing other people's work and claiming it as her own (this is covered in most chapters)

- Writing really awful fiction (both G rated and adult stories)

- Creating multiple sock puppet personalities for forums (over 70 pseudonyms and counting)

- Offering herself up as an escort

- Interviewing herself (and pretending to be someone else doing the interviewing)

- Interviewing her sock puppet personalities (talking to herself)

- Advising strangers on proper manners (plagiarized yet again)

- Claiming to have had lap band surgery (multiple times)

- Naming pets after celebrities she's obsessed with

- Creating hate sites for spouses of celebrities she's obsessed with

- Winning non existent beauty pageants

- Plagiarizing WWE storylines in her novel The Cruiserweight

- Creating fake Bebo and MySpace profiles

- Creating fake Twitter accounts

- Writing a lot of rape & incest porn involving Mary Sue characters based upon herself

- Claiming various ailments for sympathy

- Bad Photoshopping to back up her lies

- Declaring herself an internet plus sized supermodel

- Pretending to be a lawyer

- Photoshopping cards she claimed to received from celebrities

- Faking emails she claimed came from celebrities

- Faking photos of celebrities she claimed were from web cam chats with them

- Showing absolutely no remorse over her actions when caught, only sorrow that she was caught (again)

- Faking suicide threats when caught

- Calling herself a celebrity journalist/blogger/author

- Filling Helium.com with plagiarized material she hasn't credited to the original authors

- Befriending like minded women who also like lying about themselves online and stalking/harassing people who expose them

- Selling porn on Amazon.com that she plagiarized from other people


Lori's also active offline, and has been convicted (in real courts in Mckeesport) several times of felonies such as theft and fraud. And has an open bench warrant out for her right now.

The Book chronicles her online and offline activities, her criminal activity, and details all the things she's done, said or claimed.

L Anne may be the greatest troll in the history of the internets. She should have her own entry on Fandom Wank and Encyclopedia Dramatica. She thrives upon the attention.

L Anne is love. And swanky, always swanky.

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