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Welcome to the L. Anne Carrington Book. A compilation of years of lies from one woman – Pittsburgh’s Lori Ann Dennick.

Despite any opinions to the contrary, the information in these files is not the work of a single person with a vendetta. We are a collective of individuals. Some of us had the misfortune of knowing Lori Ann personally, or through her vast internet identities. Others are simply appalled at her deplorable antics over the years, and fascinated by the complex nature of her continuing manipulation. Some have had their professional reputations ruined by their association with her. Others have had their employers contacted by her, purportedly to ‘report’ them for saying something mean about Lori on the Internet. Some of us are just bystanders to this drama, but we recognize someone in our own lives who could be a Lori Ann clone.

Internet scammers aren’t just Nigerians looking to gain access to your personal fortune through fake lotteries and advance-fee scams. Whilst we are not saying that Lori has profited financially through her manipulation of others, she has committed acts that are equally as concerning. She has befriended and manipulated people in many different internet communities, drawing support from unsuspecting users. who are seeking assistance with various issues and are unprepared to be manipulated and hurt. While initially some have an emotional investment in her well-being, eventually they grow suspicious and distrustful. And when Lori’s cover is blown, she retaliates with threats of suicide, pleas for understanding of her sad, lonely life, and then disappears – only to assume another identity and return to inflict further harm the same communities or move onto new grounds to repeat the same steps.

Lori Ann thrives on the attention of others, and has created identities to contribute to and further promote her own shaming and mocking. In addition to lies about her own life, she continues to plagiarize the work of others, impersonate celebrities she’s obsessed with, has harassed, intimidated and threatened their significant others, and much more. If she was only harming herself, no one would care. But her actions have consequences for others, and she’s harmed the personal and professional reputations of those were taken in by her. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it might. It’s only a matter of time before people have outlived their usefulness to her, and she’ll move on – leaving them desperately trying to clean up the mess left behind. She’s a convicted felon. She’s shown no remorse for any of her actions, made no efforts for restitution to those she’s harmed. In her mind, she’s a victim of others’ ill will.

Her pathology is an excellent example of Munchausen by Internet. The more severe instances gain international media attention when the harm inflicted has real-world consequences. But for every newsmaker, there are scores more who operate under the radar. Lori Ann’s history is printed here not as a vendetta against her, but as a warning to those who cross her path, or those who might recognize her behaviour in others.

If you’re reading this, then you’re obviously already curious about her, and it’s only a matter of time before you join our ranks to tell your own story. Or you’re Lori Ann herself, who continues to read the chronicles of her own life and scrambles to delete any of the incriminating evidence still peppered across the Internet.

Keep in mind, dear reader, that the words you read in each chapter of this epic belong to Lori Ann herself. Some of it is presented with commentary, and much of it inspired dialogue about the kind of person she is. But the words she’s written, profiles she’s posted, and lies she’s told are all hers. Unless, of course, she stole them from someone else. She has been caught plagiarizing material on many occasions, afterall.

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