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A breakdown of Lori / L Anne's history as detailed in the books.

Lori is arrested and charged with four counts of Forgery. No payments are made toward the $450.00 + fine.  (Ch. 54)

Lori is arrested in Allegheny County for two counts of Access Device Fraud. Pleads guilty and receives up to two years probation. (Ch. 54, 11)

Lori writes a letter to the editor of a McKeesport newspaper, outraged  that white police officer "got away with killing" two black men.  She calls the police and city "racist and sexist." The officer, meanwhile, is a decorated policeman who was being attacked and dragged by a vehicle in which the two black men were passengers. Readers are outraged at her letter. (Ch. 124)

Lori is arrested for Theft by Unlawful Taking and Recklessly Endangering Another in Washington County, found guilty and sentenced to confinement in 1999. Also received a fine, the last (and apparently only) payment made towards the over $1200.00 due was in 2007 was for $20.00 (Ch. 54)

Lori participates in an online discussion forum for The Pittsburgh Channel, supporting capital punishment for the mentally ill. (Ch. 125)

Lori starts the "Silver Ribbon Project" in response to an episode of animal cruelty, soliciting donations for an animal rescue, petition signatures, and hosting a web page devoted to "Rowdy" the cat. (Ch. 125)

Lori infiltrates a newsgroup for actor Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter on ER.) She insinuates a personal relationship with the actor, claims to have met him or be in contact with him, creates Yahoo Groups for fans, and creates "hate" pages for Wyle's wife. The newsgroup is eventually shut down because of her antics. (Ch. 7, 9)

Ms. Plus Internet World 2002, Miss Pennsylvania Galaxy 2002, Mature BBW Model and actress profiles are created under the name Loranden. She posts nude photos, claiming to be her, and other photos of multiple women that she claims are her. She also lists several modelling assignments and acting jobs on her press releases. (Ch. 8, 10, 39, 49, 98)

Lori creates web sites for her cats, Tigger and Noah. (Ch. 11)

The threefatchicks.com saga occurs, where we learn about Lori's strained relationship with her uncaring mother, her struggles with weight (being 328 lbs of her highest 351 lbs) and plans for Weight Loss Surgery, her extensive modelling career, her upcoming film career, and her imaginary, younger boyfriend Brian. Brian's photo is of wrestler Brian Kendrick. Their brief courtship includes a pregnancy scare, conversations with his mother, stalking by his ex-girlfriend, Brian serenading her outside her window, Brian getting upset because of TOM (her period), Brian getting into a fight, Brian getting arrested, Brian going to court and Brian being banned from Pennsylvania, then Brian harassing and stalking Lori.  Meanwhile she also dates another suitor, since she's irresistible. Lori's lies are ultimately busted by posters, she apologizes for causing trouble, blames her insecurities, threatens suicide. Lori returns to the forum sometime later under a new username. (Ch. 1-6, 73, 74)

Lori continues to buy pageant titles in various online pageants, and boasts about them in her modelling profiles. (Ch. 8, 10, 49, 98)

Lori does the infamous photo shoot in the park with photographer Melvin Aber, wearing her signature black overalls. She eventually opens a Cafe Press store to sell mouse pads and coffee mugs with her photo on them. (Ch. 92)

Lori posts articles about modelling tips, mostly stolen work, under the name Loranden. (Ch. 39, 108)

Lori, aka spankadette_lori posts on the briankendrick Yahoo Group, creates pages (at the now defunct ivillage) for "Spanky", and spams her links on groups.  At the same time, she is conversing with herself in the group, as "Loranden ModelActress" and, apparently, as Lori D ([email protected]) She posts a sample of her "friend" Jorjette's fic - which seems suspiciously similar to Lori's writing style and contains her signature phrases. (Ch. 99)

The Wrestling Babe column is exposed as plagiarism at one forum. Lori responds with cries of sexism and favoritism, sockpuppet accounts defend her honor. A wrestling site administrator who busted (and banned) Lori was threatened with suspension from college after Lori claimed he was harassing her, and created false transcripts to back her claims. The column survives on other forums who do not monitor content for theft or accuracy. (Ch. 12, 127, 128)

Non-existent persons (Siobhan Sullivan, Brian Murphy), aka sockpuppets, interview Lori for a wrestling web site. (Ch. 41, 56)

Lori has a consultation for Weight Loss Surgery - A roux en y procedure for September 2005 -- in March. It was to be paid for by Medicare. She doesn't undergo the procedure after claims of a rare condition (usually diagnosed in childhood) made it impossible to do. (Ch. 19, 63)

Lori begins posting porn stories at literotica.com, under the pseudonym bbwforyoungercocks1 (variations on the screen names she also used for later escort profiles and dating sites.) The stories vary in writing style, and investigation shows that many were stolen from other erotica writers. Her versions, however, contain prevailing themes of older BBWs engaging in sex with younger (and frequently multiple) men. Signature elements include natural large breasts, excellent oral techniques, preferences for anal orgasms, references to "skinny bitches" as sluts, and her characters as the ideal that younger men are looking for (older and fatter.) Dialogue and acts are frequently violent, misogynistic, and insulting to women, and rape scenes transition from non-consensual to enjoyed/wanted. Character names are also frequently related - variations on her name, wrestler's names, pseudonyms (that are also variations on the previous) and soap opera names. (Ch. 65, 69, 75, 78, 109, 114, 119)

Lori joins many Yahoo Groups for Paul London and Brian Kendrick, under both her loranden and thewrestlingbabe Yahoo profiles. She founds the LondonCallingGroup, where she posts links to her Wrestling Babe columns and a fanfic of Paul London and "Lauri".

2005 - 2006
The Betty Boards - Lori becomes a fan of Constantine Maroulis, and joins the forum for his garage band. She claims to be a freelance writer, background singer, domestic violence victim advocate, and is recovering from surgery while getting her Master's Degree.  Her fiancé Zander (a musician) impregnates her and they both discuss the imaginary infant PeeWee on the forums. She claims to see Constantine perform.  She posts photos of her tits in "The Basement" threads. She is busted by fellow posters and the americanidolconspiracy forums. She joins in on the criticism of HERSELF at AIC under pseudonyms. Then posts about her sad life on the Betty Boards. Then claims to have considered suicide. She's driven out of the boards, returns under a new name, is banned again, then seeks asylum under another ID at splinter/alternate Constantine forums. (Ch. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 66, 83, 97)

Lori complains to a watchdog website, haltabuse.org, about harassment by the people who expose her on the Betty Boards. Despite their mission statement claiming otherwise, a member of haltabuse attempts to contact the website directly on Lori's behalf. Or it may be Lori pretending to be a Halt Abuse staffer (Ch. 105)

Lori starts a petition directed at the owners of the AIC site, upset at the treatment she received there. (Ch. 20)

Lori promotes a trashy self-published book based on Constantine's band called The Front Man. She is possibly the writer, but pretends that author Pamela Louise Lee is a friend of hers and posts photos that may have been stolen from another site. She talks about screenplays and soundtracks while the book is being made into a movie. She creates a promo for "Studio Lady" - Lori's supposed role in the film that is never made. (Ch. 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 36, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 96, 97, 118)

Lori pens fan fiction about Constantine, including one epic called "Beautiful Music" and creates a Yahoo group (hotconfanfics, now defunct) to host her fics. (Ch. 17, 18, 22, 30, 31, 32, 40, 43, 55, 58)

Lori attends a benefit with Constantine, Jon Bon Jovi and others at Le Parker Meridian in New York, while wearing a swanky ball gown her niece made! Or not. (Ch. 57)

Lori sees Constantine in The Wedding Singer in New York. She devotes approximately one sentence to his performance, one paragraph about the show. There is no proof or likelihood that she actually attends. (Ch. 95)

Carrington Publicity becomes the latest pet project. Lori claims to be a publicist who is going to help the Constantine Maroulis Street Team. She releases a press release about her engagement, and wins a talent competition at a pageant, which is commemorated by a press release. She proudly boasts about new PR jobs. (Ch. 14, 16, 17, 83, 84, 87, 96, 118)

Lori's personal blog (with no followers) contains a wealth of information about her life, her trips to see Constantine perform, and prestigious job offers. She blogs about her role as secretary at her apartment complex, a section 8 housing complex for the elderly and disabled, and her work in a domestic violence shelter.  She touts the "publishing" of a friend's letter to the editor and claims to have a job, commuting into Pittsburgh 3 days a week to write. She goes on a tirade against stealing others' work without proper credit. She even mentions her fake fiancé Zander. She buys $600 blazers and fur coats, and drinks Cristal with her friends on Thanksgiving. (Ch. 42, 60, 61, 62, 76, 77, 80, 81, 82, 83, 87, 89, 90, 93, 96)

Lori continues to pen her "Wrestling Babe" columns at web forums where the admins are either unaware, or not bothered, by her plagiarism. She uses the column for other reasons as well, such as mourning the death of a "friend" for whom no obituary or proof of identity exists, and "borrows" from other forum posters and articles in her own lengthy articles. She finally announces she is stepping down, after being busted on the forums yet again for plagiarism.(Ch. 67, 70, 76)
Lori allegedly "interviews" wrestler Paul London. But she didn't actually meet him and ask him questions, nor transcribe his answers. She inserted questions into a reworded version of his Wikipedia page, and posted it on her column as an interview. (Ch. 104)

Lori gets into a tiff with an anonymous e-mailer who calls her a psycho and claims she was contacting wrestlers' girlfriends. The brief message prompted a lengthy rebuttal on her blog. The incident also appears on the LondonCallingGroup. (Ch. 77)

Lori warns people about fake wrestlers! Er... people posing as wrestlers using fake online profiles! (Ch. 35, 94, 110, 113)

Lori creates several free forums for wrestling, Constantine fans etc. Under pseudonyms. (Ch. 67)

Lori is supposed to have Weight Loss Surgery in September 2005. But it is discovered she has malrotated organs (which is commonly diagnosed in childhood.) So she has her appendix removed. No gastric bypass. (Ch. 19, 82, 96, 115)

Lori is getting cortisone shots to her arthritic knee (with bone spurs) every two weeks, but she doesn't require surgery. Nor is the doctor apparently concerned about overdosing her on the steroids. (Ch. 97)

Lori starts CPAP for her sleep apnea. She plagiarizes articles about the condition for Helium / Rafter Jump On. She claims to be performing PR work for the Sleep Apnea association and issues free press releases. (Ch. 97)

Lori is on Plavix (a blood thinner) for clotting issues/heart disease. Yet none of these are deterrents to having gastric banding in the new year. (Ch. 97)

Lori is scheduled to model for Fashion Bug, where she's strutted the runway for two years. (Ch. 82)

Lori claims to be trying out at a wrestling academy to be an announcer or manager or some such thing. (Ch. 81, 82)

Lori interviews herself, aka Greenlea London, for a wrestling site. (Ch. 21)

Lori claims to be beginning the process to patent a doll. She's in the design process, and is vague on the exact nature of the doll. Is this a normal job requirement of publicists? (Ch. 90, 94, 96)

Lori claims to appear as an extra in the film "Smart People". (Ch. 94)

Lori continues to write pornographic stories at literotica, including her BBW specialties, rape and incest stories.  Constantine also appears in some of the literotica fics. (Ch. 65, 69, 75, 78, 109, 114, 119)

Lori writes a multi-part, 25+ chapter fic with Paul London and "Lauri", posted to the LondonCallingGroup.

Lori enters America's Miss Tourism Pageant. (Ch. 80)


Pamela Louise Lee continues to blog. But is it really Lori? Lori fails to mention any further dealings with Pamela or The Front Man beyond 2006. Likewise, Pamela no longer mentions Lori, or The Front Man. (Ch. 26)

Lori warns people again about fake wrestlers' online profiles. (Ch. 35, 94, 110, 113)

Lori joins weight-loss boards such as Obesity Help, and states she was approved for Lap Band surgery - she claims to have had the surgery in March. She starts a web site on webs.com outlining her WLS history - plagiarizing others' articles - sometime between 2007 - 2009. (Ch. 37, 38)

Lori advertises her services on Escort sites. One site has a review written by a confirmed member, claiming to have "taken one for the team." Lori uses photos from her modelling profiles, forum posts etc. In her escort profiles. Different photos of different women of different sizes. And her glamour shot, or photo of her pageant sash and tiara. (Ch. 37, 45, 46, 48, 50)

Lori joins forum for Sleep Apnea, talks about her own condition, and sends out more press releases for the American Sleep Apnea Association. (Ch. 40)

Lori writes mostly plagiarized articles for web sites, such as Helium.com and Rafter Jump On. (Ch. 44, 68, 93)

Lori creates personals ads, using the same photos and bios from her escort ads and her modelling profiles. (Ch. 47, 50)

Lori continues to contribute to drama in Constantine-land, with Myspace messages, faked / photoshopped Christmas cards etc. (Ch. 51, 59)
Lori wins another pageant! (Ch. 59)

Carrington Publicity announces that Lori will join Chamein Canton, literary agent and author of "Down That Aisle in Style: A Wedding Guide for Full Figured Women" on a book tour. No evidence that Lori participates in the tour ever surfaces.

Lori claims to attend a White House dinner in Pittsburgh, with a date... photo of New Zealander "Rhys" looks suspiciously like New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby. She photoshops the invites and pamphlets, adding Carrington Publicity as a signature sponsor of the event. (Ch. 62, 71)

Lori's literotica stories continue to flourish, including more incest and rape stories. (Ch. 65, 69, 75, 109, 114, 119)

Lori completes another self-interview of The Wrestling Babe, calling it an updated FAQ. (Ch. 72)

Literotica postings continue, including even more incest stories, mature-woman/younger-man stories, and characters named Paul. (Ch. 65, 69, 75, 109, 114, 119)

Lori moves some of her fiction, including the "hotconfanfics" story "Picture Perfect" to an account at fanfiction.net under the name The Lori C. The library includes 13 other stories, primarily featuring wrestlers Brian Kendrick and Paul London, and autobiographical characters with names like Ann. (Ch. 79)

Lori expresses her discontent with Constantine's behaviour on a fan board, claims she can't figure out why she wasted her time with him when she could have been focused on wrestling instead.

Lori starts writing a full-length novel titled "The Cruiserweight" and bases it on an imaginary love affair between her and Brian Kendrick (er, Karen Montgomery and Brett Kerrigan, that is.) It is basically a rehashing of The Front Man, with flavours of her misogynistic porn, particularly when the "hero" of the novel orally rapes an "uppity cunt." (Ch. 102, 111)

Lori likes to comment on the Chapters of the book about her. (Ch. 12, 13, 15, 16)

Lori creates bebo accounts for "TheCamMan" and "BKMidget" aka wrestler Brian Kendrick, and creates 3-way conversations between them and other imaginary young men. (Ch. 52, 53, 106)

Lori continues to post on the Obesity forums, claiming a weight loss of nearly 100 pounds. (Ch. 38)

Lori contributes as a "staff writer" to the site Indie Music Stop, operated by C.W. (Clair) Ross. The site still exists, but Lori hasn't contributed any articles since 2009.

Lori continues to blog, including mentions of her past being posted on the Internet in an entry about respecting celebrities' privacy. She claims to shrug it off, as everyone who is posting is simply jealous of her many talents and privileged life. She eventually deletes her personal blog and replaces it with a "newandgoodreading" blog devoted to her latest hobby. (Ch. 71)

Lori's literotica account contains a single story from 2009, and none since her writings have been made public. (Ch. 65, 69, 75, 109)

Lori's fanfiction.net library grows by 17 new stories featuring wrestlers Brian Kendrick and Paul London, and includes female characters with disabilities and/or hearing loss (Lori's new pet cause, based on her own claims of hearing loss. (Ch. 79)

Lori e-mails the admin of one of the websites exposing her lies. She claims that she did not create fake profiles, and that her feet are clean, among other things. She's seemingly more upset at someone mistaking her short pixie haircut for a lesbian, than she is about any of her criminal actions being exposed.  (Ch. 100)

Lori pretends to be a lawyer and posts on Idletard, complaining about the publishing of freely available, public domain facts about her actions.

Lori again turns to haltabuse.org to intimidate the website exposing her lies. Rather, Lori pretends to be another persona of hers, Emily, and claims to be from haltabuse.org. (Ch. 105)

Lori shills The Cruiserweight all across the Internet, planning for a vanity publisher to release her masterpiece.  She joins websites for authors and rates other authors material so that her ratings will become higher. She's released large portions of her book for free on Authonomy.com and  Slush pile reader. (Ch. 102, 110)

Lori files a BAR complaint against a lawyer she perceives instrumental in exposing her lies. Reportedly the complaint is handwritten, without proper capitalization or punctuation, on lined notebook paper. She cites Sister Bernadette Schaad, director at a woman's shelter, as her additional contact.

Lori posts before and after photos (of the WLS she supposedly had) on the Sleep Apnea forums. (Ch. 112)

Lori buys a pair of Brian Kendrick's used shorts and a miniature plastic doll in his likeness. (Ch. 116)

Lori writes articles for modelmagazine.net that she stole from other sources. When contacted about the plagiarized content, the founders of modelmagazine.net (and AM Pittsburgh, Dawn Lily and Gerria Coffee) support Lori, their new publicist for AM Pittsburgh, and threaten legal action for "slander" against those who reported the IP theft. (AM Pittsburgh later changes names to MT National - the agency now managing Lori's publicity bookings. )

Lori continues to write at her fanfiction.net account, with more stories of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. She is using the wrestling fanfic category to pimp her own novel, The Cruiserweight.

Lori completes her manuscript of The Cruiserweight and shills it across the Internet. She seemingly manufactures Paparazzi Publishing (based in Pittsburgh) under the name Jeni Sandfort and gives herself an award for her novel. Lori expands her horizons and ropes in more struggling novices - a collective at Authors on Show and Night Publishing (vanity self publisher), as well as Authonomy, Slushpile, Smashwords and anywhere she can gain attention.  (Ch. 129)

Welcome to the L. Anne Carrington Book. A compilation of years of lies from one woman – Pittsburgh’s Lori Ann Dennick.

Despite any opinions to the contrary, the information in these files is not the work of a single person with a vendetta. We are a collective of individuals. Some of us had the misfortune of knowing Lori Ann personally, or through her vast internet identities. Others are simply appalled at her deplorable antics over the years, and fascinated by the complex nature of her continuing manipulation. Some have had their professional reputations ruined by their association with her. Others have had their employers contacted by her, purportedly to ‘report’ them for saying something mean about Lori on the Internet. Some of us are just bystanders to this drama, but we recognize someone in our own lives who could be a Lori Ann clone.

Internet scammers aren’t just Nigerians looking to gain access to your personal fortune through fake lotteries and advance-fee scams. Whilst we are not saying that Lori has profited financially through her manipulation of others, she has committed acts that are equally as concerning. She has befriended and manipulated people in many different internet communities, drawing support from unsuspecting users. who are seeking assistance with various issues and are unprepared to be manipulated and hurt. While initially some have an emotional investment in her well-being, eventually they grow suspicious and distrustful. And when Lori’s cover is blown, she retaliates with threats of suicide, pleas for understanding of her sad, lonely life, and then disappears – only to assume another identity and return to inflict further harm the same communities or move onto new grounds to repeat the same steps.

Lori Ann thrives on the attention of others, and has created identities to contribute to and further promote her own shaming and mocking. In addition to lies about her own life, she continues to plagiarize the work of others, impersonate celebrities she’s obsessed with, has harassed, intimidated and threatened their significant others, and much more. If she was only harming herself, no one would care. But her actions have consequences for others, and she’s harmed the personal and professional reputations of those were taken in by her. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it might. It’s only a matter of time before people have outlived their usefulness to her, and she’ll move on – leaving them desperately trying to clean up the mess left behind. She’s a convicted felon. She’s shown no remorse for any of her actions, made no efforts for restitution to those she’s harmed. In her mind, she’s a victim of others’ ill will.

Her pathology is an excellent example of Munchausen by Internet. The more severe instances gain international media attention when the harm inflicted has real-world consequences. But for every newsmaker, there are scores more who operate under the radar. Lori Ann’s history is printed here not as a vendetta against her, but as a warning to those who cross her path, or those who might recognize her behaviour in others.

If you’re reading this, then you’re obviously already curious about her, and it’s only a matter of time before you join our ranks to tell your own story. Or you’re Lori Ann herself, who continues to read the chronicles of her own life and scrambles to delete any of the incriminating evidence still peppered across the Internet.

Keep in mind, dear reader, that the words you read in each chapter of this epic belong to Lori Ann herself. Some of it is presented with commentary, and much of it inspired dialogue about the kind of person she is. But the words she’s written, profiles she’s posted, and lies she’s told are all hers. Unless, of course, she stole them from someone else. She has been caught plagiarizing material on many occasions, afterall.

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L Anne Carrington aka Lori Dennick

Who is L Anne Carrington?

L Anne Carrington is a nom de plume for a below average writer by the name of Lori Dennick, who resides in Mckeesport, PA. She also goes by Lori Carrington as well as The Wrestling Babe and TheLoriC.  Lori has been online since at least 2000, using the internet to spread her fantasy worlds far and wide.


Lori is a fan of many things:

- Noah Wyle from ER

- Wrestling

- Constantine Maroulis

- Faking pregnancies

- Having invisible fiancés

- Plagiarizing other people's work and claiming it as her own (this is covered in most chapters)

- Writing really awful fiction (both G rated and adult stories)

- Creating multiple sock puppet personalities for forums (over 70 pseudonyms and counting)

- Offering herself up as an escort

- Interviewing herself (and pretending to be someone else doing the interviewing)

- Interviewing her sock puppet personalities (talking to herself)

- Advising strangers on proper manners (plagiarized yet again)

- Claiming to have had lap band surgery (multiple times)

- Naming pets after celebrities she's obsessed with

- Creating hate sites for spouses of celebrities she's obsessed with

- Winning non existent beauty pageants

- Plagiarizing WWE storylines in her novel The Cruiserweight

- Creating fake Bebo and MySpace profiles

- Creating fake Twitter accounts

- Writing a lot of rape & incest porn involving Mary Sue characters based upon herself

- Claiming various ailments for sympathy

- Bad Photoshopping to back up her lies

- Declaring herself an internet plus sized supermodel

- Pretending to be a lawyer

- Photoshopping cards she claimed to received from celebrities

- Faking emails she claimed came from celebrities

- Faking photos of celebrities she claimed were from web cam chats with them

- Showing absolutely no remorse over her actions when caught, only sorrow that she was caught (again)

- Faking suicide threats when caught

- Calling herself a celebrity journalist/blogger/author

- Filling Helium.com with plagiarized material she hasn't credited to the original authors

- Befriending like minded women who also like lying about themselves online and stalking/harassing people who expose them

- Selling porn on Amazon.com that she plagiarized from other people


Lori's also active offline, and has been convicted (in real courts in Mckeesport) several times of felonies such as theft and fraud. And has an open bench warrant out for her right now.

The Book chronicles her online and offline activities, her criminal activity, and details all the things she's done, said or claimed.

L Anne may be the greatest troll in the history of the internets. She should have her own entry on Fandom Wank and Encyclopedia Dramatica. She thrives upon the attention.

L Anne is love. And swanky, always swanky.