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This site came about thanks to the lovely ladies from The Heathers, who first exposed Lori Dennick's lies when she claimed to be pregnant and engaged on a Constantine Maroulis fan forum. They started Googling Without Probable Cause and discovered a network of lies that Lori had created online.

In order to prevent any more people being lead astray by Lori's lies (she is still active on various Idol blogs and forums), the Chronicles first appeared on Idletard as a PSA. Lori loved the attention, and often commented on the chronicles in many guises (both positive about the chronicles and negative towards herself) before finally getting angry about the exposure. Lori is trying to reinvent herself as an author nowadays, using WWE storylines and characters in her awful book, 'The Cruiserweight', and fears the chronicles will put a damper on her new personality.

Lori Dennick will go to extreme lengths to retaliate against people who expose her antics, even attempting to rope in a nun to be a character witness for her, and tried to get someone disbarred as a lawyer simply for laughing at her ridiculousness.

Lori Dennick, aka L Anne Carrington, is not a good writer and is a convicted felon. Don't believe anything she says without Googling it first.



In order to download the book and/or comment on the site, you will need to register. Your email address will not be spammed. You will be sent a confirmation email when you register, click the link in that to login. Check your spam folder if you think you haven't received it. Registration is free. The book is free, and is in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.



If you have a story to tell about encountering Lori in any of her guises, please register for an account. When you do a contact link will appear. We would all love to hear from you. Many people are coming here after googling L Anne Carrington, chances are a lot of you are either suspicious of her or have evidence of her misbehaviour. Feel free to share it with others, and hopefully together we can warn many before they are burnt too.



It's been theorised that Lori may suffer from Munchausen By Internet. That may explain her compulsion to claim various surgical procedures and maladies. But doesn't explain the pathological need to lie about everything. And then spread lies about the people who unveil her actions. And latch onto like minded people who also like to lie about themselves and harass people online and off. Until she's prepared to be honest, about herself and her activities, we'll never know for sure. However I'm sure a psychiatrist could spend a heck of a lot of time unraveling her issues.


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