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Glorious news, fellow L Ard Tards! L Anne, the world famous internet supermodel and winner of many (self funded and/or imaginary) pageants, is promoting another pageant! She posted the following on Twitter:

L Anne Carrington aka Lori Dennick

I was so thrilled, I had to rush off to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.

L Anne Carrington aka Lori Dennick

Notice that last line? "Must be a Pittsburgh resident available to attend Mini of Pittsburgh events throughout the year and comfortable wearing a bathing suit or bikini in public".

L Ard has no issue with posting up photos of other women in bathing suits and bikinis and claiming they're of her, on her dating and escort sites. Does that mean she needs to carry a standee along to these events, to pose for her? I am sure she can do that!

L Anne Carrington aka Lori Dennick


You go for it, Lori! We'll all vote for you, you MUST be Miss Mini! I cannot wait for your triumphant attempt to fit inside a Mini and drive it through Pittsburgh, wearing a tiara and sash, waving proudly to your adoring crowds. This spokesmodel gig is so you! How can we vote for you, and make you our glorious winner?

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