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In Chapter Twelve I showed you how L Anne was busted - once again - for plagiarism. This time on a wrestling forum, where she had been presenting stolen material for wrestling columns, and had been caught. Her defense at the time consisted (and I paraphrase) basically of "OMG YOU ARE ALL SEXIST!!!11!!!".

She's resorted to using this argument in the past.

In 1997 there was a local news item in the Mckeesport media:

Lori Dennick in the newspaper

Apparently this case caught a lot of attention. Lori weighed in on the matter and wrote a letter to the newspaper about it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a copy of this letter, if you know where I can find one please get in touch.

What is online is the remnants of the responses she received:

Lori Dennick in the newspaper

Lori Dennick in the newspaper

Lori Dennick in the newspaper

Racist? Sexist? Stupidity? Interesting.

In another article, it looks like the police officer in question was a fine, upstanding citizen and a great use to the community he worked for:

Lori Dennick in the newspaper

Oh Lori, do you have any idea how you come off to others? With your sanctimony and hypocrisy? I can't wait until you release your book, The Cruiserweight. You know, the one that's just a blatant knock off of WWE storylines? Can't wait.

Thanks to Google Newspapers for storing this stuff!


eta - the letter Lori Dennick wrote


Lori Dennick writes hateful letters

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