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Once upon a time, our heroine Lori Dennick aka L Anne Carrington, proclaimed herself to be a plus sized supermodel. She plagiarised a lot of tips and hints for models, and claimed the words as her own. She also claimed to be a successful model, as seen by one of these shots from her extensive portfolio.

Lori Dennick the supermodel

Then she claimed to be a successful pageant winner, and won many awards. Only problem there was most of them didn't exist except in her mind, or were titles one paid for. You simply sent in your fee and voila, you were a winner with a sash and tiara. Wow!

Lori Dennick the pageant winner

Then she claimed to be an enormously successful PR person, representing writers and singers nationwide. She  claimed to have travelled between New York and LA to see these clients, by train because she's scared of flying. Funnily enough, the singer she claimed to do PR for, actually told her to join his street team which was a group of middle aged housewives burning copies of his awful music and pressing them onto random people in the street. For free. The writer? Either exists only in her head or is some flower arranging, vanity publishing amateur who can't string two compelling sentences together, we haven't been able to work that one out yet.

Nowadays she's claiming to be an author. We've seen her works of fiction in the past. If she's not plagiarising WWE storylines for her WWE IP infringing rape fiction The Cruiserweight, she's plagiarising porn tales for her stories of gang banging and incest  that she posts on porn fiction sites (see links on left). Not that that's stopped her from creating this author persona!

So instead of modelling sites and pageant sites, PR forums and Idol forums, she's now haunting 'I wish I was an author but I'm not very good' sites. The sites set up by bad writers, who write awful, lazy prose no one bar their relatives, neighbours and long suffering work colleagues will buy if only to shut them up. Sites that favour vanity publishing because no real publishing house would touch their work. Which is perfect for L Ard because she IS such a bad writer (when she's not plagiarising someone else's words).

What's really hilarious is that the owners of these sites don't bother vetting their users and appear to be incredibly gullible. So far L Ard has taken over several of these sites, licking ass and spamming links all over in order to get her awful 'book'  'The Cruiserweight' rated higher on the site charts. I know her competition isn't good but you would think the owners would bother to try an even basic Googling of the most prominent, self promoting, awful writers on there, wouldn't you?  Considering what they're trying to market is original work. Right now if you google L Anne Carrington this site is number one. And even two minutes of reading on this site surely would set off alarm bells, right? Wrong.

L Anne has found a new bunch of people to lie to. And they choose to let her.

Take this site, for instance.

Lori Dennick L Anne Carrington Authorsonshow.com

L Anne's decided to change up her fantasy biography for this site!

A former cosmetologist, retail manager, and actress, L. Anne Carrington is a writer whose previous work has covered topics from fiction to news stories, human interest features, and entertainment reviews. She wrote The Wrestling Babe weekly internet column since 2003 (and now runs bi-weekly due to concentration on other projects), is a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, and penned several other works which appeared in both print and Web media.

Ms. Carrington resides in Pittsburgh, PA, where she continues to write. The Cruiserweight is her first novel, and plans are underway for a second book, The Meaux Book of Cat Tales.

Cosmetologist eh? What happened to that non existent degree you had? And Barbizon?And all the other idiotic claims of education you say you received? And according to real wrestling fans, your wrestling columns exhibit a startling LACK of knowledge about wrestling! Penned several other works that appeared in print? What, you mean The Chronicles? Or do you mean angry letters to the editor, as shown in chapter 125?

A second book? Dear god, no, really? Will they be anything like the dreadful and patronising tales you wrote about your cats on Authonomy? I mean thanks for the belly laughs, hon, but no one bar the mentally impaired and elderly will buy that shit!

Lori Dennick is a bad writer

Her writing is about the level of a young teenager! Would you BUY that story?

Authorsonshow.com has a blog. L Ard is all over that, so I decided to post a warning to the owner of the blog, in case she hadn't done any Googling of her star pupil.

Authorsonshow.com and L Anne Carrington

And do you know what happened?

The owner posted this:

This morning I awoke to find rather nasty comments aimed at one of our authors. As with most people of this kind, they were not brave enough to put their name to it, but had to hide behind a shield. I don't tolerate bullies or nastiness. Don't bother trying the forum either as anyone trying it will be blocked from any further comments on there too. We have ways of blocking you totally and will make sure that is done the second you step on there.

As soon as they realised I had deleted their comments another was left. We don't leave things like this on our pages and make sure steps are taken immediately to prevent this behaviour. I have now activated the moderation button and all comments will be checked before they are shown. Unlike another site, we don't leave things until they get out of hand. We did warn you.

The funny thing is, what no one realises, but they will now, is I can tell EXACTLY who you are. My stat counter tells me which computer and location every visitor comes from. You may think you're anonymous but you aren't. I can tell by the time the comments were posted and just look to see which computer and location it came from at that time.

May I thank those who are currently advertising our sites and have put links to us on their blogs and websites. We will be happy to do the same for you, but can only do it for those who advertise us in the same way due to space restrictions.
Thanks. x

(Originally posted by Lorraine)

Oh Lorraine, you'll learn the hard way about L Anne Lori Dennick Carrington the fraud and liar. Unfortunately. Don't say you weren't warned. What you should have done was download book one and two of the Chronicles of L Ard. They will explain everything about your pal. Then you might want to implement some IP blocking. I think that's what you're talking about. Not that you seem to know. Because if you did you would have seen that comments were left by completely different IPs in different parts of the world. Yes, more than one person is concerned you have been flummoxed by a professional.

What's even more astonishing that their deliberate denial is L Ard is giving advice on Authorsonshow.com on how to write! The convicted for fraud felon with a bench warrant out for her, caught plagiarising multiple times, crap writer, is telling people how to string prose together!

Lori Dennick L  Anne Carrington Authorsonshow.com


Unshockingly, she's recycled this from another crap authors site she haunts.

Naturally the frauen on that site also think she's marvelous. They are easily pleased. They are clearly unfamiliar with Google.

Considering the tone and style of the piece is nothing like the L Ard originals we have read in the past, it's safe to presume she's plagiarised this. But now she's learnt to stop nicking from the net and has probably retyped a piece from a magazine or newspaper.

L Ard seems to have ditched Authonomy, the first place she started posting her awful story The Cruiserweight. You all remember that one, with the lovely rape chapter ("Uppity cunt!"). I suspect she found it too hard to ass kiss and spam her book on there in order to falsely inflate the ratings for the book and turned to smaller sites which have less competition. She's got a long history of bouncing from forum to forum, always searching for new suckers to entertain with her lies. I wonder if she'll trot out non existent Zander and the invisible baby at Authors On Show, or Brian the wife beating, stripping, guitar playing invisible boyfriend? Or perhaps she'll tell them about her torrid love affair with Noah Wyle or Constantine Maroulis. Only time will tell.

She posts at Smashwords.com too, another bad author site. No one is safe. The only crap authors of that sort of level who get a book deal have the Mormon Church in their pocket. L Anne is not going to get signed to anyone.

Not unless she finally decides to ditch all the lying and write an honest history of all the shenanigans she's pulled, including detailing all the personas she's inhabited, online and off, for attention. Now THAT would be a best seller.


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