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There appear to be more and more people googling L Anne Carrington (or I hate Lori Dennick/Carrington) nowadays, and I wonder how many of you searching for information on Lori are doing so because she's burnt you in some way or the other. I say this because someone whom Lori harassed several years ago, did just that, and got in touch with me with his story. His name is Doug, and he features in Book One of the Chronicles, in Chapter Twelve, where I detailed how Lori was caught blatantly plagiarising wrestling columns. Doug very kindly wrote the following to explain what actually happened back then:

In early 2004, I ran a wrestling website geared at editorials & columns titled The Wrestling Voice. A friend and I designed it in a way that we wanted to have a high number of high quality writers to show off their work as well as to help them get jobs, listings, opportunities, etc. elsewhere. In the summer of 2004, I came across a column on a popular website titled The Wrestling Babe penned by a person named L. Anne Carrington. Her columns were of surprisingly high quality and I quickly invited her to join my site. Through e-mails with her, she did come off as awkward, but since many people did as well, I quickly wrote it off. I began to show her around to various places on the internet to get jobs, one of them being a wrestling site titled Wrestle Zone (WZ). This site did a competition of sorts on their forums for a few months at a time ranking Wannabe columnists with the winner getting a slot on the actual web site.

L. Anne quickly joined the competition and became a favorite of the judges. However, in responding to negative criticism, she quickly alienated most of the judges since she would openly argue valid points of contention i.e. grammar. Eventually, the time came for a winner to be chosen and Anne wasn't it. The winner was someone who had been in the contest for a long time and was given the win as a persistence reward of sorts. Anne came in second with the idea that the next contest (that started immediately and would last two months) would have her win. It didn't work out this way though.

Anne began writing tirades against those in charge accusing them of sexism and favoritism. A reader of hers named Sibohan Sullivan even came to the forum to defend her honor. She was quickly removed from the next contest and banned from the forums.

All the while, Anne was a rising star on my website getting amazingly positive feedback, some even sent to me on how wonderful this one columnist wrote.

Shortly after her blow up at WZ, I began to receive e-mails/complaints about her from a rival forum called Lords Of Pain (LOP). We weren't on the best of terms and I couldn't even access their forums so when they told me that she was plagiarizing, I took it with a grain of salt, but asked them to forward over the information. They never did, but a week later, another forum Wrestling News World (WNW) alerted me to the fact that Anne Carrington had lifted samples of a person's post into two of her columns recently.

He sent me the links and I quickly presented it to Anne who denied that she plagiarized. She herself said that she had been banned by that forum since she spoke out against women's rights so they must have done this as revenge. However, she wasn't banned until after they found out about this so the timeline didn't really work out. Having a zero tolerance on this, I quickly fired her from my site and used all my connections to get her removed from other sites.

At the time, Siobhan Sullivan came out on my forums to discuss the issue and began sending me e-mails. The person was such a bother that I had no choice but to ban them. When I did this though, I quickly realized that the IP Addresses for both Siobhan and Anne were the same as well as some other accounts on the forum that had left glowing remarks for Anne.

Some of the e-mails registered to those accounts were the e-mails I had received about Anne being so talented. I let WZ & WNW know about this and they quickly discovered the same. The next couple of weeks saw my e-mail inbox full of threats, complaints, and long diatribes. None from the L. Anne name, but many from Sullivan & other aliases (most of which claimed they lived in the same area as Anne).

My efforts to get her fired around the net were only halted by two sites - ProWrestling.com (PW) and a website called MopSquad.com (Mop). PW was an actually elite site for the sheer amount of visitors who were there a day, but the site (like others at the time) was notorious for not caring about their sections or who was posting what. So it was no surprise that my pleas went unanswered and probably unread. Anne remained there. On MOP, Anne & Sullivan were both writers with Sullivan's only piece being an interview on Anne. Anne had become something of MOP's star mostly because the site was in the crapper. After the news broke, MOP refused to act. It actually went to the point that Sullivan posted a column in defense of Anne (or herself) specifically targeting myself and a few other columnists for sexism and slander. The piece was quickly taken down, but it wasn't until a week later that "apologies" were put up. Eventually, Anne was removed from MOP though I can't remember what made them finally do so, but MOP was an interesting piece to the puzzle if only for Sullivan's involvement.

Being six years ago, I am at a lost at how long this took, but I would roughly say from August to November. I put November because something happened in my personal life then that was a big deal.

In early November, the whole issue was put to bed and mostly forgotten. Attending a college in VA, I went about my life. One day though in November, I was called into my advisor's office. She said that the school has been getting calls and e-mails about my supposed internet harassment on one L. Anne Carrington. The advisor showed me multiple e-mails from Anne as well as Anne's lawyer Sully Sullivan (sound familiar?).

The e-mails (and supposed calls) detailed how I threaten her on a daily basis. They asked for my immediate expulsion from the school or legal action would be taken. It was a little hard to get across to my advisor how this all came about and all I was left with was a severe warning. Since I was living on campus and using their internet service, Anne had threatened the college. I was told that any more actions against Anne would result in suspension or expulsion. Fun!

I went home and did nothing to Anne. What was I to do? That weekend I went home which was 3 hours away. The next Tuesday, I was called in again and told they received another e-mail about something I supposedly did on Sunday. Anne had made a mock transcript of a conversation we had with the date of the past Saturday on there and the IP Address of the school attached.

This time I had proof though - I was not even in the area at the time so her having this transcript from this IP was completely invalid. The advisor agreed it looked fishy and told me they would look into it. The next day, they called me in again. The school had quickly investigated into Sully Sullivan only to find that no such person existed. Where was the threat then? I was given an apology and went about my way. But after someone attempting to have me expelled from school, you can imagine how I couldn't really forget that.

I did let it go though. There really wasn't much more I could do as she was only on one other site that I knew of and I had already tried. Fast-forward to March, 2005 though. PW wanted to change its direction and asked me to head up their columns department. Cool! Guess who was still employed there though? Then guess who promptly got fired from there?

The next few weeks saw a repeat of my inbox being spammed just like in the previous fall. They even e-mailed PW multiple, multiple times. Hell, supposedly she threatened legal recourse which is a little ridiculous considering that while we say "work, hired, fired," none of these jobs paid. I got my vindication though. She was gone on all the wrestling websites that I knew of with people easily knowing she was a plagiarist. She attempted to write columns bashing me and my friends at the time, but since she had nowhere to publish them besides her own site, did it really matter?

How very unsurprising to hear this.

- sock puppets

- praise of her work by random strangers

- cries of being picked on when caught

- plagiarism

- real life harassment/unfounded allegations/stalking when caught

What's really disturbing is that some of these websites still have her fully plagiarised material up, without any comment about the origin of it.

Lori, how do you sleep at night, knowing the grief and pain you have caused many people?

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