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In chapter 127, we heard from Doug, who was burnt by Lori's actions and plagiarism on wrestling sites. Doug very kindly answered some questions of mine about the saga.

- Did you know she has been convicted of various felonies?

Nope, but it doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is that she has never been charged with plagiarism, libel, or slander.

- Did she ever mention her family?


- Did she ever threaten to commit suicide?


- Did she ever try to get money out of anyone on your site?


- Did you ever see any photos of her whilst she was a member of your site?

Yeah, but I shrugged them off. This was someone we had working for us. In comparision, not that bad...but then again, the only modeling this guy did was for his action figures.

Lori Carrington aka Lori Dennick

- Did she claim to be an actress, PR person and author? Did she supply any proof of these claims?

Only model which was a big stretch of the imagination.

- Did she ever mention any boyfriends or fiances? Husbands?


- Did you feel she has any level of knowledge about wrestling?  Someone who is a wrestling fan and had come across her on some wrestling forums said Lori didn't know much at all, which is why she stuck to low level, no name wrestlers.

Here's the thing. She plagiriazed those columns which were actually pretty good. HOWEVER, like I mentioned in the contest, when she would be challenged with stuff in her columns, she would fight back. I remember a few instances where someone was just trying to debate her point about Crusierweights intelligently and she just threw a temper tantrum instead of talking. So no, I don't feel she has any level of knowledge about it. I do feel that she is very adept at being able to fake her way through stuff though. Like life.

- Did Lori ever plan a meeting with forum members? Did she attend it?


- So Lori called people sexist and was banned, was Siobhan?

It wasn't until after the plagiarism came out that Siobhan started to become a BIG bother which was lead to banning her which lead to seeing her IP was the same which lead to uncovering all of her aliases, all of which you have in your in depth list.

- Do you happen to have any access to the old threads on the forum? Do they exist?

I looked, but I don't see any and for the life of me, I can't remember why. She wouldn't have had anything to do with it. I must have just deleted them myself after I caught her plagiarizing.

- Was Siobhan using the same email address as L Anne?

No, never. None of the aliases I encountered had the same address.

- Some of Siobhan/L Anne's plagiarised and/or delusional wrestling columns are still online on wrestling sites, did you know?

Yeah, I know. It doesn't really bother me and I'll tell you why. For one, I had my website from 2004 until last year and really, I only put a BIG effort into from 2004 until about the end of 2007. I even stopped paying attention or caring about other websites about that time. So why care? The other is like I said in my write-up: most webmasters of wrestling sites just didn't care. All they wanted was content, content, content to drive their ads. Not much was going to change that.

- Do you still have any of her emails? Would you be willing to share them with my readers?

I don't. There's no reason I would have to save those, sorry. I moved on with my life. Had I known about this, I would have helped out, sorry.

I did some investigations into her as I know one website that still has the columns from that time period. I remember her first appearing on ProWrestling.com and this is her first apperance there:


She came on to the scene in a big way about June and the column that got her exposed as a plagiarist was posted on August 23, 2004:


She later edited it (obviously) to remove the copied parts. It was also shown that her column before it was stolen too. This one didn't get edited though:


This time she included a disclaimer...but did not included the site...:


You quoted some stuff in Chapter Twelve specifically from the thread I found this in. Here are some tidbits you have missed:

This is from someone who worked at MOP and considered L. Anne a friend. He wasn't an alias of her, but did turn on her in the future:


I have not made too much noise here, I have just tried to write decent columns and that's that.

But, I need to say something now, and it's not going to be taken nicely.

Now, I respect how plagerism is wrong, and that something needs to be done about it....

and, if you catch it on your turf, and your policy is, one strike and you're out, well, so be it.

But, to turn around and take this situation to the masses is a bit extreme, don't you think?

I respect the policy of this website, and I respect the administration's right to police it as it sees fit. If the allegiations are true, and I was shown proof, but, I have to admit, I don't judge anything until speaking with the other side of the situation personally, but if the allegiations are true, then the execution of said policy against plagerism is just, no matter how severe or minute the incident.

But, why take it to the next level? She's off this site. Fine, so be it. Now, return to the business at hand. I left a site a while ago, Wrestling-Stuff.com, and they still to this day take the time to disparage me for my 'lack of good fortune' having to work Smackdown recaps for Wrestleview. I tried to defend myself there, but I decided, let them say what they want, and I could care less how they think of me. I do my work, and that is that.

If rumours are rampant about Anne, then it is something she has to deal with each individual website she approaches. It is, or it should not be the policy of other people to deal with those rumours for her.

I personally have never met Anne. But, I consider her a friend. Yes, she is a very 'feminist' tone to her work, but she has proven to me that she can do the job, and do the job well. I respect that of her, and her talent. She has also opened every opportunity for me, and I cannot, nor will not sit back and watch any friend get disparaged without attempting to defend her, whether she's guilty or not.

Now, remember, one last thing, ladies and gentlemen, this is my opinion, and that's all it is. Whether I am right or wrong is irrelevant. It is the way I feel, and the last time I checked, we're allowed to have individual feelings about certain situations, right? Ok. Enough talk. See ya. "

A follow-up from someone equally burned by Anne.

"This could easily have been an internal matter for all sites involved, however, Sullivan had to go out and write an insane column like we saw about how TWV, WZ, LOP and others were sexist and in his e-mails, named Nunny, John Wilson and myself BY NAME. made it necessary to bring out the truth. It is truly regrettable and I hate this whole thing but we had to do what we had to do.

What also annoys me is they took down that column with no retraction, no apology and that hurts even worse--covering up for other people's mistakes!"


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